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Nexvision Technologies supports startups around the world to enter smoothly and expand the business in the Japanese market.
Highly skilled professionals and comprehensive consultations help startups from initial market research to representation of your company in Japan.

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Let Us Take Away Your Stress

It is pretty stressful or worrisome if you cannot understand Japanese or don't know how to manage business in Japan.
We are here to support you and the business in any respect to help your business get into the Japanese market.

If you are not sure how to handle your products
and services in Japan...

Don't have enough resources to get started...

Don't know how to obtain necessary metrics to consider expansion...

Don't know how to evaluate a optimal business partner...

Don't have enough experience with Japanese business practices...

Don't want to miss business opportunities in Japan...

Develop Strategies Together for Your Success in Japan

Build Bridges - Learn about the market, competitors and find the targets in the market for your business. We provide necessary local supports to find you new clients /customers that lead your business to a success.

Insight of the Market

We provide you necessary market intelligence by getting deep insight of the Japanese market. Find out who your competitors are, who can be potential customers, opportunities in the market and other key metrics to expand your business.


Initial Marketing & Sales Activity

We help you to create sales materials in Japanese; such as website, presentation slides or press releases. We can also conduct or attend seminars to reach out to potential customers or sales partners.


We can help your business to establish a local subsidiary. We support from filing paper work, find a office space, hire locals or any other tasks you may need in Japan. We operate as a part of your company in Japan.


Save Time and Money while Maximizing Productivity

Gain information and ideas for your specific targeted areas to get ready to launch business in Japan. Get your business accelerated while staying in your home country.


Grow Fast

Professionals in international business development support your company expansion in Japan. Our one stop service offers faster and efficient process for a quality outcome.


Focus on Your Core Business

Let us take away your stress so that you can concentrate to build your core business while reaching out to the Japanese market and its business opportunities.



Minimize Costs

Don’t waste time and money by hiring locals when trying to expand your business in Japan, a new market. We help to get your business started in Japan.

Japanese Business Professionals to Help Your Expansion

If you are ready to sell your products / services to Japan and need help locally, we are the right contact. We help startups to enter the Japanese market through representation of their company or sales agent to provide opportunities for open innovation, cooperation or collaboration in the market.


Navigate your way in the Japanese market

We are the only company that specialized in offering experts who have knowledge in international business expansion. We are fully committed to support innovative startups to help them achieve a successful kickoff in Japan, the land of rising sun.


Our Network

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Willing to Offer a Webinar
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We announce and host your webinar to the potential customers to help you introduce your company and the products / services to the Japanese market for free of charge.


What do you get?

Conduct a webinar for free of charge!

Free webinar includes

  • One hour zoom webinar with the content of your choice.
  • English ⇔ Japanese simultaneous interpretation.
  • The webinar will be announced through press releases and through our mailing lists.
  • Post-webinar survey included.